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E-Cig Liquid

If you’ve ever wanted to be a mad scientist, E-cig’s website is the place for you. They’re a company based in Singapore and China, and they have what has to be the most comprehensive offering of e-liquid and e-cigarettes you could possibly imagine. The way they describe it: “…about 200 different e-liquid flavors…each flavor can have five different E-Liq Bases (propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or combinations), seven different nicotine densities (from zero nicotine to a whopping 48mg) and three different flavor strengths.” If you’re an experimenter, that could probably take you through several lifetimes. The e juice can also be bought in quantity; they sell everything from 10 ml bottles to 10 liter jugs.

What are some of the flavors, you ask? To start, there are 34 different Western and Japanese “tobacco” flavors, most named after the brand name cigarette they are designed to resemble; there are another 19 flavors mimicking Chinese cigarettes, and five flavors of clove. Then we come to a very small sample of the range of non-tobacco flavors: banana, plum, peanut, raspberry, peppermint, chocolate, jasmine, licorice, beer, eggnog, Red Bull, rum, bubblegum, honey, cotton candy and Dr. Pepper are a few of the flavors that immediately stand out. But there are well over 100 more. Some are delicious, some are a bit puzzling – all are at least interesting. Read more…

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