E-Liquid Glossary and Usage

Atomizer – the component of an electronic cigarette where the e-juice is heated into vapor, housed in the short component that resembles a filter.
Base – the main ingredient of e-liquid that producers the vapor (see PG and VG).
Battery – provides the power for the atomizer, housed in the long component that resembles the tobacco part of a cigarette.
Cartridge (Cart) – the component that contains e-juice and filling material, housed in the “filter.”
Cartomizer – the atomizer and cartridge combined, the way most of today’s commercial e-cigarettes are built.
Disposable – a one-use only e-cig which cannot be refilled.
Drip – a way of filling an atomizer with liquid without using a cartridge, dripping the juice right onto the atomizer.
E-cigarette (e-cig, electronic cigarette) – the combination of atomizer, cartridge and battery to produce vapor that can be inhaled and exhaled, to reproduce the experience of smoking.
E-liquid (E-juice, smoke juice) – the combination of base, flavor, distilled water and nicotine that is used in electronic cigarettes to create the vapor.
LED – the light at the end of an e-cig that indicates when someone is inhaling. It flashes when the battery is low or the juice/cartomizer needs to be replaced.
PG (propylene glycol) – the base ingredient in most e-liquid, recognized as safe by the FDA.
Syringe – used to inject e-liquid into a cart, or to extract excess e-juice from a cart when it has been used the maximum number of times.
Tweezers – used to remove fill material from a used cart, in order to extract the excess smoke juice.
VG (vegetable glycerine) – an alternate base ingredient for e-liquid, recommended for the small number of people who experience sensitivity to PG, also recognized as safe by the FDA. Not all manufactures offer a VG option.
Vape – to use an electronic cigarette. When using a regular cigarette, you’re smoking. When using an e-cigarette, you’re vaping.

It may seem a little daunting to think about filling your e-cigarette with e-liquid. In fact, it’s really pretty easy. First, take a blank cartridge and unwrap it, then fill your syringe with e-juice by putting the needle into the bottle and pulling back on the plunger. Then, put the needle carefully to the bottom of the fill material in the cartridge and slowly release liquid into the cart; as it fills up, lift the needle out of the cartridge, then just empty any remaining e-liquid into the bottle and you’re done. You may also use a dropper to slowly drop the liquid into the cartridge, until it’s full (if there’s liquid sitting at the top of the cart, just blot it off). After doing it a time or two, you’ll be an expert, you’ll be saving a ton of money, and you’ll open up a whole new world of electronic cigarette flavor and quality.