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If we had to come up with one word to describe ELiquidPlanet, it would be “variety.” They don’t receive an editor’s choice nod for their flavors and selection because VaporKing has taken that title. But they do have a nice choice of flavors, many of which are made in the US under more stringent quality control than overseas-manufactured e-juice. They have a good selection of both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin flavors (the VG is important for the small number of people who can’t tolerate the PG base). And they make it clear exactly what you’re getting, before you order.

The American-made e-liquid they sell is marketed under the brand name “Essence,” so you can easily find the entire list of US manufactured ejuice. There are three tobacco flavors, two menthols, two cigars and a clove; novelty flavors include two versions of strawberry, banana, double apple, coffee, mocha and chocolate, even oddball but strangely addictive flavors like anisette and Dreamsicle. They come in 15 ml bottles for $12.99 with a dropper top available for another two bucks. The strengths are mostly zero, 6 mg, 11 mg and 16 mg; most of the tobacco flavors also come in 24 mg strength.

ELiquidPlanet’s imported juice comes in an even wider variety of flavors; this is where the PG and VG differentiation takes place. Have a hankering for blue cola, champagne, French pipe, jasmine, peanut butter or whisky flavored e-cigarettes? They’re all available, as are many more, in PG e-liquid. There are fewer flavors available with a VG base, but there are some yummy ones including blueberry, cherry, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, as well as several tobacco and menthol choices.

The throat hit is good from the Essence e-liquid; it’s a bit harsher from the imported juice, as we’ve noted for the other imported selections we’ve reviewed here. Vapor clouds are good for both varieties, but of course it depends largely on the nicotine strength you select.

There are lots of ways to go if you want to sample ELiquidPlanet’s product; they have nine different sampler packs, each with five 5 mg bottles for $19.95. They have a number of mixing lab options as well, so that you can buy your favorite flavors and mix your own custom-designed product. And as with most of the suppliers we’ve visited, they have a wide selection of e-cigarettes, cartomizers, designer “trippy tips” and more.

ELiquidPlanet didn’t earn our top rating. But they came close, with their nice selection of US-manufactured e-juice, and nice variety of flavors – as well as the option to buy from their even wider selection of PG and VG juice from overseas.

PROS: PG and VG bases, great selection of flavors.
CONS: Vapor clouds a little weaker than some; many of the options are manufactured overseas.



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