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best ejuiceThere’s a relatively new player in the e-liquid game. And after we tried their product, they shot right to the top of our eliquid rankings. VaporFi (previously known as VaporZone) has some of the very best juice we’ve tried, and it’s top quality: American made, USP Grade Kosher, FDA registered, and diacetyl- and peanut-free (since the base is made from Maylasian palm). They offer an enormous range of standard flavors and strengths, and also have staff “vapologists” who will custom blend any of your favorite flavors – literally creating thousands of potential choices. It’s by far the biggest selection from any manufacturer offering US-made liquid.

We sampled four “off the shelf” flavors with the company’s VaporPro e-cig (they sell six well-built e-cigarette models). All were delicious and satisfying, with the tobacco and menthol that we tried providing some of the closest experiences to tobacco smoking that we’ve had. Of course, we’ve never had “peaches and cream” or “very berry” tobacco cigarettes before, but the taste was delicious. There was a nice bite on the inhale but it was smooth rather than overly strong; the vapor clouds were quite impressive when exhaled.

It’s a dizzying experience when you spend time on the VaporFi site, looking at e-liquids. To start, there are six different tobacco flavors (from Classic and Red, to Cuban Cigar and Shisha) and three different varieties of menthol; they also have blends like tobacco-and-toffee, cigar-and-banana, and menthol-and-latte. As of this writing, there are a total of 72 “stock” eliquid flavors available. There’s not just coffee, there’s Java Jolt and Double Expresso. There are nearly 30 different fruit flavors and half-a-dozen liquor and liqueur choices like bourbon, mojito and rum-and-cherry. There are intriguing flavors like birthday cake, cheesecake (regular, strawberry, key lime or blueberry), butter pecan and s’mores. Have them mix up a batch that combines your favorites and the tastes are endless.

The options don’t end there. Not only do you get the usual choice of no nicotine to full flavor, there’s also a 3.6% bold nicotine level available; you also can ask for a single, double or triple shot of flavoring in each bottle of e-liquid. It takes customization to an entirely new level. Prices for a 30 ml bottle are a bit higher than some foreign competitors, but still a very good deal when you consider the quality.

If you’re the type who wants to try before buying, VaporFi even has retail shops with tasting bars – right now, they’re just in Florida but will rolling out more locations soon. There’s no need to wait, though, since all online purchases are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

If we sound enthusiastic about VaporFi, it’s because we are. They combine the quality of top US-sourced eliquid, with the selection and variety that’s previously only been available by ordering from Chinese companies. Coupled with their excellent hardware, it’s a winning combination.

PROS: Terrific vapor, American-made, amazing selection.
CONS: Slightly higher price than some, but worth it.


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