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e-juice reviewsHalo, one of our two top-rated e-liquids, is American-made. While we don’t want to say that was the only factor in our rankings, we think it’s important. Halo e-juice is definitely near the top of the line, and in large part, that’s probably due to the quality control that’s inherent in manufacturing the eliquid here instead of in China. All ingredients meet USP pharmaceutical standards and are FDA and FEMA approved. The bottles are shipped with a lot number and an expiration date; that’s unusual and we think it’s important.

As for the crucial factors in the e-smoking experience, both the flavor and throat hit of Halo e-liquid are very good. The taste of their various juices is strong but not overpowering and the tastes are authentic, quite close to those of regular cigarettes. We found the throat hit to be consistently strong, even at lighter nicotine concentrations; it’s something Halo pays attention to, so that you don’t have to increase the nicotine level in order to get the punch you expect – and that attention pays off. Of course, the higher nicotine levels (18 mg or 24 mg) are more satisfying if you’re looking for punch, but even at the ultra light (6 mg) or light (12 mg) levels, the throat hit is strong.

Vapor clouds from the Halo e-liquid are impressive as well; they’re thick and mimic the look of smoke quite well. The vapor passed our “smoke ring” test with ease.

The number of Halo e-liquid flavors available is quite a bit lower than many of their competitors. They say that’s because they spend much more time perfecting the flavors that they sell. There are five different flavors that mimic tobacco cigarettes, ranging from the smooth Tribeca, to the “Red” flavored Freedom Juice, to the unfiltered punch of Torque 56. There are four menthol flavors, from True Pure and Menthol Ice, to the pina-colada tinged Malibu. There are cigar and pipe flavors, as well as apple and ginger-infused tobacco flavors. It’s a relatively small selection, but a powerful one. Each flavor is available in two sizes, 7 ml plastic bottles ($5.99) or large, 30 ml glass ones ($19.99). All of their e-juice is PG (Propylene Glycol) based.

Halo also has a full selection of electronic cigarettes, starter kits, filled and refillable cartridges and the like at their online store, making it a one-stop destination no matter your level of experience with vaping. We particularly liked their Halo starter kit, which comes with two batteries, USB adapter and wall charger, cartomizers, empty cartridges, cases and six bottles of e-liquid to let you sample various flavors.

A quality product with great throat hit, flavor and vapor – and a decent selection of flavors for regular and menthol smokers; that’s what combined to make Halo one of our highly-rated e-liquids.

PROS: Great throat hit and vapor, American-made.
CONS: No PG options, fewer flavors than the competition.


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